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Mixed oil alkali refining

Mixed oil alkali refining is will be a mixture of oil leaching by adding oil or pre evaporation to adjust to a certain concentration of alkali refining, and then further complete the solvent refining technology of steaming off.
Mixed oil alkali refining, neutral oil saponification rate is low, less oil soapstock clip, refining effect is good.Due to the evaporation in the mixed oil vapor in advance to remove rubber miscellaneous, FFA, and part of the pigment, so beneficial to the improvement of the quality of oil.
(1) mixing mechanism of alkali refining oil
Leaching rule of oil used usually in nonpolar solvent naphtha.Mixed oil, solvent molecules circumference package in around three ester molecule of hydrocarbon, and exclusion, hinder the polarity lye and gan three molecules of the ester carbonyl oxygen radicals contact, avoiding the neutral oil saponification.And free fatty acid alkyl has surrounded by solvent, but its carboxyl than the space of three esters by carbonyl oxygen radicals block has a much smaller, and larger, therefore, carboxyl can be inserted into the lye neutralization reaction.The oil soapstock and mixture density difference is very big, combined with the mixed oil of low viscosity, soapstock easily separated from the mixture of oil, and less oil.
In addition, due to the mixed oil before further steam to take off the solvent has some thermal or mechanical impurities in the colloid and, therefore, can avoid fouling of the evaporator, thus improving the efficiency of evaporation and the oil colour and lustre is improved.
The main factors that influence the diction of mixed oil alkali refining
(1) mixed oil concentration.The characteristics of the mixed oil concentration affect the alkali refining system.Dilute the mixed oil concentration, because of its density with lye and polarity difference is great, is difficult to mix, the additional measures to make the complete neutralization reaction is too complicated, and due to the concentration of free fatty acid is too small and reduce the speed of the neutralization reaction.However, high concentration of mixed oil, the but again showed out the characteristics of the mixed oil alkali refining system, lost oil mixed alkali refining conditions.Suitable for general is 40% ~ 65% of mixed oil concentration, to mechanical separation soapstock ceiling, take the lower sedimentation separation.

(2) the lye concentration and alkaline.More easily in the mixed oil, neutralization reaction, pigment was more easily soapstock adsorption, therefore, lye concentration can Be used in the conventional process of lower, generally for 18 ~ 26 ° Be, sometimes even using 10 ~ 14 ° Be lye, also can obtain satisfactory results.
Oil mixed with alkaline alkali refining, in addition to neutralize free fatty acids and theory of degumming agent dosage, still need to add some excess alkali.Because of the characteristic of the mixing oil system, the range of the excess alkali adding more generally high alkali refining method, usually control in 0.25% ~ 0.45% of oil.
(3) the operating temperature.Mixed oil alkali refining operations, in order to accelerate the neutralization reaction, facilitate soap grain cohesion or flocculation and adsorption of pigment, need higher temperature, but shall not exceed the boiling point of solvent, reaction temperature and should be timely cooling after flocculation in the soap grain, in order to avoid the system pressure increased, and to reduce the loss of separation of solvent.And operating temperature is commonly 50 ~ 60 ℃, separation temperature of 40 ~ 45 ℃.
(4) alkali proportionmeter oil and mix.Mixed alkali refining and oil phase can be used continuous, intermittent may be adopted.Continuous proportionmeter often USES the proportion or diaphragm pump device.Selects the proportioning pump sealed performance is good.