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Centrifugal oil filter

The centrifugal oil filter is the use of centrifugal force, separation of the mixture of liquid and solid particles or liquid with the liquid in the components mechanically. A centrifugal oil filter is mainly used for the suspension of the solid particles separated from the liquid; or emulsion of two different densities, and immiscible liquids are separately; it can also be used to exclude the wet solid in the liquid, for example, with a washing machine dumped wet clothes; special speeding tube separator can be separated from the gas mixture of different densities; the use of different density or size of solid particles in a liquid sedimentation rate different characteristics, and some centrifugal oil filter also according to the density of the solid particles or particle size classification.

The basic working principle of centrifugal oil filter is through the centrifugal force of the two or more minutes to separate materials of different densities. The main part of such motor driven by the power transmission through a variety of ways to put an object centrifugal force produced by the rotation of the vessel, by the centrifugal force of two or more minutes of separation or classification of objects, although different types of centrifugal oil filter, using a range of very wide, but the centrifugal oil filter works is basically the same, but each manufacturer in centrifugal oil filter according to trial a range of reasonable adjustments to the appearance of the centrifugal oil filter centrifugal oil filter feed and discharge way, each reasonable for the service of humanity.