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Oil refining process

Oil refining process, degumming is the first step in oil refining, the degumming process comprising the hydration of the crude oil only, a number of impurities, such as: phospholipids, and protein in the dry gum dissolved in the oil, can not be dissolved once hydrated in oil, which is the principle of hydration unglued, however, there are still some gum in oil, which requires them to remove the acid treatment after hydration. Overall, oil refinery plant more than hydration unglued used, only a small pin in the middle of the tank where the oil accumulation.

Water-degummed in the removal phase may be reused in the meal steamed, and a phospholipid has excellent commercial value can be separately dried. Alkali refining and in this operation with caustic and free fatty acids in the oil, so that saponification. The free acid is no longer soluble in water after saponification, and therefore can be precipitation or centrifugation. After removal of the free acid, and can not be completed because of this phase must go unless hydrated phospholipids. In addition, it also reduces the metal ions as well as pigments and other minor components such as the number of decolorization process to remove the pigment carotene, chlorophyll, etc. with a suitable adsorbent material. Decolorization has become a more important process, which is before the deodorization to remove residual phospholipids, metal ions and the oxide last pass.
Furthermore, the removal of other impurities is also very important because it directly affects the flavor and organoleptic deodorized oil oxidation characteristics. Refining: Plant extract oil or crude oil is a product, which contains substances harmful to consumers. Some of these substances are naturally occurring, and some are in the process of manufacture or storage of produce for human consumption, these materials must be carefully removed. Because they produce different root causes, refining shall, under different conditions in several steps. With different crude oil refining process points: degumming, neutralization, bleaching, winterization, deodorization steps, depending on the variety of crude oil may be one of a few or all of the processes.