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Decolorization process

Decolorization process is mainly used activated clay (or add some activated carbon) to adsorb the way to remove the oil contained in chlorophyll and other pigments, and not completely remove traces of phospholipids and soap ingredients off acid. Approach is the decolorization apparatus, vacuum and temperature 105 degrees, decolorizing clay, were mixed with the filtration equipment adsorbent adsorbed dye was removed by filtration.

At present, it has been found to reduce the amount of clay continuous countercurrent new decolorization  process: The process as oil extraction and other chemical unit operations the same principle, using countercurrent decolorization better than intermittent bleaching. A plurality of bleaching tank, the white soil and oil in a countercurrent manner not decolorizing method of contacting with each other by a continuous counter-current flow of oil between the bleaching earth particles and the pigment particles sufficiently to increase the adsorption efficiency of. In addition, the active use of granular activated clay, can also reduce usage. General granular activated clay, compared with coarse granularity of activated clay, although the dye adsorption capacity is high, but the filter is significantly reduced, low working efficiency.