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Deodorization method of refining process

Deodorization method of refining process, the refining process is composed by multi-channel technology, which deodorizer is the most important aspect, deodorization method, there are many, below Forrest manufacturers come to introduce you to the next bar:

Refining process methods are vacuum steam deodorization deodorizing method, gas insufflation, hydrogenation, polymerization and chemical deodorization method several. Vacuum steam deodorization method which is the most widely applied at home and abroad, a better method. It is the use of a great difference in the volatile flavor substances and the triglycerides in the oil, in conditions of high temperature and high vacuum, by means of the principle of steam distillation, so that the grease in the odor causing volatiles within deodorizer together with the water vapor to escape to achieve the purpose of deodorization. One method is to blow a gas of oil is placed in an upright cylindrical tank, first heated to a certain temperature, and then blown with an inert gas unreactive oils such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc., the volatile substances contained in the oil will immediately gases volatiles removed.