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Oil extrusion equipment

Oil extrusion equipment can be divided into three, one is born with a sub-low oil containing embryos extruder, the so-called closed wall extrusion machine; one for students with high oil embryo extruder, namely the so-called slotted wall extrusion machine; one for whole grain or oilseed crushing oilseeds Dox extruder.
In the cylindrical bore machine built with a screw shaft, helical axis continuous helical blade without interruption. Fixed pin cylinder wall protrudes deep into the interval between each spiral blade. Work, rotating spiral blade and the combined effects of a fixed pin to give it sufficient material kneading. Near the feed end of the housing wall provided with a water feed duct in proximity to the discharge end of the housing wall provided with a steam injection pipe. Direct steam injection to increase the role of water and heating the material to soften. Material at the entrance there is a feed screw conveyor, the material at the outlet is equipped with a slot opened a template, the template has an outside cutter rotates with the shaft.

Health germ oil and evenly forced by the screw conveyor feed extruder, the material in the machine bore embryo being squeezed by the strong advance in front of the coil axis, while increasing the density of the material. At the same time the role of heat due to friction with the material and machine screw shaft bore of the inner wall, with the fixed pin and the helical cut leaf formation and mixing action of injection of direct steam, so that the material is adequately mixed, heated and pressed, glued, gelatinization, resulting in changes in the organizational structure. A continuous strip of material extruded from the extruder rope at the end of the slot in the template, and was immediately cut to the size of the cutter certain particulate material. When the template material arriving in the machine chamber, is under 1379kPa-4137kPa has high pressure, the material temperature was 112.80C, the moisture content of 10% -13%. At this time the internal pressure of 13-40 times bigger than the atmospheric pressure, the material is extruded template slot extruder, the pressure from the high pressure into a pressure moment, a sudden drop in pressure caused by rapid evaporation of moisture from the material organizational structure, material thus subjected to strong puffing role in the formation puffed pellets have numerous tiny pores and surface cracks. Cooking conditions inside the extruder to make oilseeds and protein gel to soften the protein into a gelatinous substance, which enables the material particles together, and because of gelling protein has elasticity, so that the material in the expanded condition By forming the porous extruded pellets.
Commonly used template slot diameter 9.5mm-14.3mm. May also need to replace the template, change the size and the number of slots on the template. Replace the template can change the pressure and puffed pellets inside bore diameter machine will have an impact on production equipment. Of course, extrusion machine production mainly by the extruder machine bore diameter decision.