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Oil flaking, flaking known as "tablet", It is the use of a mechanical action, the pressure oil from the particulate formation process of the sheet. The purpose of flaking, and that tissue damage oil for steaming and roasting to create favorable conditions for the press or the leaching so that the grease can successfully separated.
The basic requirements of flaking is expected to be thin embryo, uniform surface, less powder, do not reveal oil, pinching soft, loosely scattered powder is controlled at a 1 mm mesh sieve material does not exceed 10% to 15% .

After rolling embryo after embryo material is heated to make it into the flooding points controlled at about 7%, the powder is controlled at 10% or less. When walnuts increased 0.4 mm thickness or more, even if the amount of solvent is increased, it is difficult to achieve a low residual oil rate. Therefore, we must adopt hydraulic pressure flaking machine, so that the embryo sheet thickness control in the 0.25 to 0.30 mm, and the embryo piece solid. Then it will not increase the degree of embryo powder tablets, but also conducive to the leaching solvent. Common equipment: one-on-roll embryo machine, the roller rolling embryo.