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Pretreatment process

Pretreatment process, before the material embryo into juice, must undergo pretreatment process, the pre-press quality will directly affect the normal work and oil yield. Different oils have different pretreatment process requirements, but mainly includes the following items:
1. Clean up. Into the plant's oil contains some impurities (sand, gravel, iron, etc.), if not carefully cleaning, will accelerate the press internal mechanical wear and tear, lower oil yield, and even cause malfunctions and accidents. Its supporting equipment: cleaning sieve, stone machine, magnetic separator and so on.

2. Sheller. For shelled oil, then squeeze should peel, this can increase the production capacity and oil yield. Its supporting equipment: Sheller, separating sieve, separating machines.
3. Broken. Some oils can be squeezed into a monolith, but after crushing, flaking and then press, can significantly improve the oil yield. Its supporting equipment: crushers, flaking machines.
4. Steaming and roasting. Steaming and roasting is an important part of improving the rate of oil, commonly used method is to first oil wetting, and then dried by frying pan so the oil reaches into juice moisture and temperature process requirements, its supporting equipment: steaming wok, Broiling pot.
Forrest grain and oil machinery oil press, including: multi-functional oil press, screw press, Korean sesame oil hydraulic machine, walnut oil equipment, soybean oil facilities, rice bran oil equipment.