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Walnuts shelled process

Walnuts shelled process, First manufacturers give you thin, said today, the walnuts shelled process is what I believe many of my friends are also very curious how shelled walnuts are right, then we would run today Well.
First, taken back from the field moisture content of dried nuts have a significant impact, the earliest harvest of nuts in general 30-40%. 36-48 hours to be dried, the content of the final harvest of nuts in a dry state to the close proximity of the water content of 80%, only slightly dry.


Secondly, the rinse, the dry good store walnuts in shell, walnuts are carried out if you need to take the kernel from the repository will be taken out with walnuts, shelled sent to the workshop, machinery broken shell machine crushed walnut shells, the walnut shell after breaking graded by size, with the air flow method to separate the kernels and shells.
Finally, hoist and conveyor systems, walnuts through electronic color separation machines and laser sorters, divided into different grades, and then into the over-trained inspector after inspection before they can be packaged. Among them, the package is divided into two, one is plastic-type, one is carton type. All walnut products must meet or exceed the quality standards established by the market committee.