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Multifunctional press machine

Multifunctional press machine, a new generation of low temperature screw press for hot and cold dual-purpose pressing various oils and design, especially suitable for pressing organic plants and high value added economy crop, machine pressed low oil temperature, high oil yield, low residual oil cake, oil color processing out of the shallow, good quality, nutrition is rich, has reached the international market standards.
Suitable for pressing dehulled rapeseed, peach kernel, peanut, soybean, walnut, olive, corn germ, rice bran, tea seed, castor seed, almond oil plant.
Multifunctional press characteristics:
1, low temperature pressing oil is shallow, nutrient rich, after precipitation and filtration can be pure natural oil refining, save costs, reduce oil loss.
2, low temperature pressed cake protein damage small, is helpful to making full use of oilseed protein.
3, pressing the low temperature (room temperature 10 to 50 DEG C).
4, the process of squeezing oil without any solvent, acid, alkali, bleaching earth contact, chemical additives, grease and nutritional components of cake and the loss of trace elements manufactured small cake protein content is high.
Multifunctional press product description: new press pressure filtration and purification, and the operation is more convenient, more pure oil. Impurities in oil long (sediment) and color turbidity two big difficult problems finally completely removed, also reached the oily pure, effect of transparency, through the sale of a year of pressure model pressure press practice proves that received strong praise from the vast number of old and new customers.