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Walnut oil squeeze process

Walnut oil squeeze process, walnut oil processing technology, what are the steps need to pay attention to the problems in the process of machining, First today is simple to talk about this problem.
Walnut oil, walnut oil is one of the senior cooking oil, with walnut oil as raw material system is also one of the direction of the deep processing of walnut, has adopt the system of oil process is to use the traditional mechanical press oil, used to squeeze, leaching process.The screw press can continuous production, form a complete set of equipment is simple, suitable for small walnut oil production.

Walnut meat directly squeezing screw press in common, craft is simple, with walnut fruit as raw material, the complexity of the squeezing process need to shell pretreatment process, walnut fruit shell, kernel shell separation, oil, filtering, filling, products, method of walnut fruit squeezing into the press material shell content has the certain requirement, low content is bad for the oil, general requirements including shell rate at about 30%, the yield efficiency from 25% to 25%.
Walnut kernel squeeze directly, because it is under the condition of low temperature system of oil, also known as cold pressing, can keep the walnut oil of natural active substance will not be destroyed, the business value of the product is high, can squeeze oil about 64% less.Cold pressed operating pressure equalization process requirement, the frequently pressure, less pressure principle.Squeeze the legal system of product through special processing, to remove the colloidal impurities.
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