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Walnut oil processing technology

Walnut oil processing technology, today we introduce to you is about walnut oil processing technology and comprehensive utilization of by-products, if you want to make walnut oil projects the friend might as well to understand the relevant knowledge.
The first thing to say is a sorting problem: walnut shell by professional tool to remove the shell, exposing the walnut walnut processing is needed raw materials.
Raw materials into the factory to perform inspection according to the raw material after the acceptance criteria. Raw materials in addition to test indicators include the removal of impurities, including the shedding of walnut skin fold of skin file, and broken shells, not ripe grain, grain and other damage.
Pre treatment technology: pretreatment is the use of physical treatment and drying pool make in walnut kernel moisture content reaches the minimum, so as to improve the walnut oil oil yield and oil quality.

Press technology: after pretreatment of walnut into the mesh filter bags of non-toxic tasteless, high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance, and then the filter bag into the hydraulic press frame, cover the press frame upper cover, you can start the press.
Filtration process: its purpose is to remove impurities of crude oil, improve the refining rate. Usually used air compressor filter. Through pressure to the hair oil, hair oil pressure at the same time through the filter cloth, reached the filtering effect.
The above is the introduction of walnut oil processing technology steps, from First to give you a brief collection process also need good equipment to complete, welcome to First visit equipment.