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The details of walnut oil refining process

Most ordinary crude oil refining uses chemical walnut oil refining process. Because soapstock caused by the process of alkali refining will take some physiological active substances away from oil, such as vitamin E, thus reduce vitamin E. Loss is quite large. Therefore, the walnut oil refining uses physical refining method. Former process only do degumming processing to ensure that the above physiologically active substance without losses and do not add any chemicals.

Walnut oil deodorization section uses the principle of “stripping first, then keeping” of soft tower system. Strip in the packed tower to remove free fatty acids, volatile matter, smell, etc, and as much as possible to decrease the loss of vitamin E and the formation of trans acids.

Soft column deodorization system is that the oil flow into the packing in the packing tower, then dispersed into a thin layer to flow, and countercurrent contact with water vapor. Fatty acids and all kinds of volatile components in vacuum and the multiplication effect with stripping steam by distilling removal, so as to achieve the goal of deodorization.

Thin film packing tower packing should choose the best specific surface area, oil fill packing in the form of falling film and countercurrent. Stripping ability is high; the pressure is reduced; there is no structural dead corner; oil adhesion is extremely weak; fatty acids can be rapidly removed without hydrolysis. Because the characteristics of the packed tower can shorten deodorization process, it not only reduces the cost of production of walnut oil refining process, but also conducive to the formation of fatty acids and keeping the remaining amount of vitamin E. Usually operating temperature control in 220-240 degrees Celsius, vacuum control in 266.6 Pa and direct steam control in about 1% of oil.

That stripping section and tray completely separate can prevent the generation of free radicals and pigmentation. Free radicals are one of the reasons that produce fat flavor deterioration and the darker color. And other existence of free fatty acids may induce pigmentation and new free fatty acids. Soft column deodorization system can complete stripping operation in 5 minutes. So can get the walnut oil with lighter color.

When the vacuum degree reaches up to a certain circumstance, different gas stripping steam have different effects on the capture of distillate of vitamin E. The less stripping steam, the more oil remaining amount of vitamin E. Because this system uses a soft tower, don't have to use steam to turn reservoir and less stripping steam can be used to deal with, which is conducive to improve the remaining amount of vitamin E in walnut oil.

After a series of physical refining process, walnut crude oil can produce refined walnut oil, which achieve and superior to the standard.

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