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Large screw walnut oil press machine

 Walnut oil through walnut oil press content as high as 65% to 70%, ranking first in woody oil, "oil tree" in the world. The essence of the use of modern extraction technology, which is a new generation of products: walnut walnut oil. High quality walnut walnut oil is selected as raw materials, and the process of preparing the natural fruit juice leading international. In the international market, walnut oil is known as "Oriental olive oil", like olive oil consumers.

There are four kinds of walnut processing technology, the first is the use of traditional mechanical press process; the second category is the use of pre pressing a leaching process; the third category is the agent of water extraction process; the fourth category is supercritical CO2 extraction process.


Walnut has a lot of use:

1, cooking: 1:4 can be mixed with other cooking oil cooking, do not use the fire! Temperature control in 160 degrees, that is, 80% heat can be oil;

2, the mix of dishes: such as cucumber, pineapple, etc., directly in the mix can be;

3, add to the drink: if added in milk, yogurt, honey and fruit juice and so on;

4, add in good soup, noodles, stuffing, cooking, seasoning;

5, dip in food, as a meal of the accessories, you will also experience an unexpected delicious.

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