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What is the crude walnut oil ?

The crude walnut oil through walnut oil press  is refers to the preparation of crude oil from animal or vegetable oil, not after primary oil refining processing. Crude walnut oil due to simple processing technology, the walnut oil containing impurities, easily oxidized, should not be stored for a long time. Because the unrefined crude walnut oil, there may be residual pesticides, heavy metal pollution and etc. and contain harmful substances. Therefore, a set of walnut oil equipment containing gossypol or refining it  . Such as gross cottonseed oil, gossypol poisoning chronic fever, weakness, loss of appetite, and even the loss of labor ability; gossypol can inhibit sperm production, leading to male infertility; Mao peanut oil, corn oil containing yellow hair aspergillin, this is a strong carcinogen, refined oil in the level allowed per kilogram of cooking oil to 20 micrograms, without up to 600 micrograms in peanut oil refining; erucic acid and sulfur containing large amount of rapeseed oil. Glycosides, these compounds are likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease who make the illness, may also lead to goiter; gross bran oil, sunflower seed oil contains about 2% of non digestible wax; soybean oil and rapeseed oil in 1%~3% containing phospholipids, which need to be refined after removal. Another characteristic of crude oil is cooking more foam, smell, smoke, smell and taste of food cooking effect. In the city residents, direct consumption of crude oil has very little, but in the rural residents is quite common, it will directly endanger their health.

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