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Automatic walnut oil extraction with hot sale

Walnut oil extraction is mainly including electrical cotrolled,automatic heating,adjust,transmission and vacuum oil filter and other components.Pressing bolts alloy steel treated by carburizing, enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance; virgin row by surface grinder grinding,Ensure oil line accuracy, improve the oil yield; standard parts distribution, vacuum, automatic heating.


Selection of well-known brands, optimize machine configuration; machine made of stainless steel and chrome surface treatment, in line with food hygiene standards.


Walnut oil press machine ,the structure of walnut oil press is intelligent,which introduct the Korean technology and with the Chinese Academy of Agricaltural Mechanization Institute of Cereals,produce a new gerneration energy-efficient oil extraction equipment.Accord Ministry of Agriculture Agricultural screw press technical conditions and standards,Its processing and production of oil authentic, pure fidelity, is to create a “modern oil mill,” the best choice.

Increased the import duty of crude walnut oil : www.walnutoilpress.com/News/357.html