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Walnut Oil Press Is Coming .....

Walnut oil press absorbing foreign advanced technology, computer-aided design, the use of high pressure hydraulic system pressures up to 55MPa, respectively, the press pressure up to 340T with a reasonable structure, easy to operate, safe and reliable, energy saving, labor-intensivelow, the operator simply training can operate and so on. The walnut oil production  is high, dry cake residual oil is low, is a new automated hydraulic walnut oil extraction equipment.and walnut oil press structure consists of three parts; a, host b, hydraulic system and electrical control system.


Features of walnut oil press :

1.Small size, small occupation, easy to learn, understand and operate.

2.During working:lower power consumption and fewer expenses.

3.High pressure and oil yield with high quality

4.Automatic controling system, auto-control of preheating temperature and hydraulic system pressure

5. Wide application,can extract more than 30 kinds of walnut corps.



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