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Effect drawing of walnut oil press machinery

It is easy for people to learn, understand and operation of walnut oil press. It cost less various expenses with lower electricity consumption is use. The machine is a hydraulic machine with high pressure, high oil yielding rate and pure oil quality. Automatic control system, automatic preheating temperature control and automatic pressure control of hydraulic system.


This walnut oil press machine mainly includes three parts: a. main engine   b. hydraulic system   c. electrical system

1.Main engine includes base,upright,top plate, pressing chamber assembly, oil drip pan,nuts and etc. which is one of the main parts. When the oil material is put into the assembly of the press boring, then it being drived up by the oil cylinder piston ,oil will be outflow from the gap of press boring,and then pass the oil drip pan to the drum for oil storage.

2.The hydraulic system, this is the main power source of the machine, which consists of the transmission shaft, worm wheel, worm, gear pumps, high-pressure pump, relief valve, manual valve, cylinder assembly, pipe joints and other parts.

3.Electric system, it is advanced core of the machine, which consists of motor, voltmeter, temperature reconciliation sheet, pressure gauge, control fuse, and other units.

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