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Walnut oil production complete set of equipment

   Walnut, also known as the walnut, is a plant of the genus of the walnut, it is a well-known world of dried fruit, China's annual production of about four hundred thousand tons of walnut oil press production in the world's second.

  The production of oil from walnut flesh, known as walnut oil, is currently the world's oil with safflower seed oil as the same important health care function.

  Data is introduced, the walnut has Yangwei, enriching blood, moistening lung, kidney and brain such as efficacy. This is because the walnut oil in the unsaturated fatty acid content of up to 90%, in addition to the rich in linoleic acid, linolenic acid content is also higher. It also has health care function of oil contain rich vitamin E, trace elements and flavone compounds.

  Linoleic acid and linolenic acid belong to the human body essential fatty acids, only from the vegetable oil and access to the body can not be synthesized. Linoleic acid with lower cholesterol and the role of anti artery gruel type hardening, and linolenic acid with enhanced intelligence, improve memory effect. So the walnut oil is health oil.

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