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Small screw press use and Troubleshooting

Small screw press use and Troubleshooting:
1, sudden stop, the screw shaft stuck
① initial pressing, pressing bore not wear a lot of heat that is caused by feeding, can slowly heat the oil seed feed mill repeatedly, so that the temperature rise.
② pressing process, pressing bore cutting, and then a lot of feeding, nesting cause poor fuel blockage caused by pressing the breech. Therefore, when feeding a continuous uniform, not too thin cake. Once a fault occurs, immediately turn off the power, the feed adjustment plate Chasi, stop feeding and nesting plate open, open the screw shaft down to make it quits. Then remove the inner bore of oil, re-press.
③ oil outstanding election, there are stones, metal and other hard foreign matter into the virgin bore cause.
2, no oil or oil yield is too low
① material is not wet or too dry, damp moldy seed material unsaturated impurities caused by too much. To be re-cleaning of oil, and high-speed good fuel moisture.
② diesel oil drain is clogged or sew strips fitted too tightly squeezed cause. Should be based on the level of the oil content, adjust the tightness of the cage bars.
③ pressed to open early, pressing the chamber temperature is low, the cake is too thin or too thick, wear parts will cause no oil or oil yield is too low.
3, running excessive slag crushing process, a small amount between cage bars run slag is normal. If you run too much slag, may have the following reasons;
① individual cage bars bent or gap is too large. At this point, you can remove the cage bars, with gauze or a whetstone to influenza juice bar three convex side polished, straight cage bars reload, some thin metal pad, if necessary, the gap remains within the range of 0.05-0.08 mm.
② plastic oil well, the cake difficulty making machine bore pressure increases. At this point, it should be the right amount of oil mixed with water, and the mill, machine temperature increase to improve fuel plasticity.
③ cake too thin. Specification requirements should be appropriate to increase the thickness of the cake.
4, one of the cake ring true reason is not suitable for the thickness of the cake, the cake thickness should be adjusted; the second is due to the dry cake or stone, iron and other hard foreign matter into the machine chamber, should be immediately shut down, out of pressing screw, check and remove cake ring and inside the machine bore dry cake, debris. And in accordance with the cake ring wear, repair or replacement of parts.
5, may be due to the oil back to the oil or oil-sewn seam blockage caused not only too small surface. The former should be removed for cleaning cage bars, the latter should be adjusted gap cage bars, oil varnish seam stone.
6, do not feed
① too much oil in the water, should be sun dried or fried.
② pressing screw surface only, apply polish emery cloth pressing screw shaft or polish with a dry residue.
③ wear cage bars, juice bars polygon is destroyed, you can flip the use or loss of juice bars.
7. The reason for the low fuel burn bore water, high speed pressing screw, machine temperature is too high and other causes, should improve the fuel moisture content, change the pulley, reduce speed, control body temperature.